Estate Tax Planning Services in the Philadelphia PA Area

Every estate plan has a unique set of needs and goals that should be managed through estate tax planning services.  Estate administration can be complicated, so awareness of the available elections, distribution requirements and tax filing deadlines is critical to ensuring proper and compliant administration of an estate.  At MGS LLP, we help reduce the administrative burdens and minimize the stress on executors and the heirs of an estate. An estate accountant will collaborate with your estate planning attorneys and financial advisors to ensure the estate meets its goals, keeps taxes to a minimum and maximizes the benefits to the estate’s heirs.  We review and evaluate estate documents, recommend options, and prep any gift tax returns that might be necessary due to estate planning transfers. Also, each plan should be reviewed periodically to make certain there are no modifications necessary due to tax law changes, tax rates or other circumstances. MGS LLP can help you update your plan as needed should any changes arise.  Contact us today to learn more about our estate tax accounting services. Give us a call today for your free consultation at 610-688-6162.

Estate Services We Offer in Wayne PA

With professional estate tax planning and tax services, MGS LLP can help in all of the following areas and more:

  • Estate tax advice
  • Estate tax planning and administration
  • Estate tax returns
  • Transfer of estate assets
  • Executor and trustee consultations and guidance
  • Estate tax penalty avoidance and settlement
  • Assistance to a surviving spouse or heirs
  • Review of current wills, trust instruments and schedule of assets
  • Planning for assets with unique estate tax attributes, including life insurance and retirement plans

Offering Estate Tax Return Services for Pennsylvania Residents

MGS offers estate tax return preparation for both federal and state returns, including Pennsylvania.  Working with a highly skilled and experienced estate tax accountant will give you a partner that has years of experience in preparing fiduciary tax returns, probate accounting and can provide post mortem planning opportunities that can help save significant estate taxes upon the passing of your loved one.  The following is a complete list of estate tax return services offered by MGS LLP:

  • Preparation of federal tax returns
  • Preparation of state tax returns
  • Preparation of estate and trust income tax returns
  • Post Mortem tax planning
  • Estimation of estate taxes under current estate plans
  • Calculations of potential tax savings based on various alternative strategies

Do not take the risk of losing a sizable portion of the estate to taxes.  Let an experienced estate tax accountant at MGS LLP help you create an estate tax plan in the Philadelphia area or Mainline that will provide security for your family and leave a legacy for your future generations.

Trust MGS LLP to Provide Your Estate Tax Planning

MGS LLP is uniquely qualified to deal with the constantly changing estate and gift tax legislation, giving us the most experienced estate accountant in the Philadelphia PA and Mainline area.  Through research and analysis of court decisions and tax legislation we stay on top of changes that may adversely affect our clients’ financial position and make recommendations when necessary on gifting strategies and changes for estates, wills, and trusts to avoid financially harmful tax situations. We will prepare your federal and state tax returns and take responsibility for annual tax planning to ensure that tax-saving opportunities are not overlooked.

Our client focus and personalized service is why our clients trust us and law firms and financial advisors refer their clients to us. MGS LLP has become a trusted name in estate tax planning.

With offices in Wayne PA and Radnor PA, we serve the Mainline and Philadelphia areas, covering Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties.  Contact us today and let us help you get your estate tax affairs in order and start planning for what lies ahead. Contact us for a free consultation or call us at 610-688-6162 so we can get started right away.